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Totti Karpelan 1.3. luento Hong Kongissa loppuunmyytiin. Järjestäjänä; Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, aiheena; Effective Business Verbal Tactics For Everyday Operation

Totti Karpelan 1.3.2012 pitämä HKGCC:n järjestämä luento aiheesta Effective Business Verbal Tactics For Everyday Operation kiinnosti laajalti ja tilaisuus myytiin loppuun ennätysajassa. Tilaisuuteen osallistui merkittävien kansainvälisten ja paikallisten organisaatioiden johtoa ja päättävää henkilökuntaa. Tilaisuuden loppuunmyynti on tärkeä osoitus Mielenrauha Oy:n ja Peace Of Mind Ltd:n palveluiden tarpeellisuudesta ja vetovoimasta alueella.

Luennon aihe ja sisältö tarkemmin:

Organizations nowadays has to be prepared and to equip employees with the tactics to handle conflicts, as they could come up anywhere anytime, just like the recent window photo-shooting incident in Canton Road. Difficult incidents can take place internally or with clients using your services. Very often the root cause for problems lies within the lack of communication skills. Poorly communicated incidents could cause your personnel to change jobs, lose customers, and damage corporate image, which all take heavy blows on the business itself. Luckily, proper and professional communication skills can easily be taught to most people. Often people are embarrassed or reluctant to talk about difficult issues within the corporations and unsolved conflicts build unnecessary tension.

Learning Outcome from this 3-hour Workshop:
1. Learn how to prepare yourself for unpleasant or demanding conversations
2. Have better understanding of your counterpart’s reactions & why people respond defensively
3. Equip you with effective techniques to create voluntary compliance
4. Tips to confront people with negative or malicious attitudes
5. Help you to successfully manage & communicate in critical incidents