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Mielenrauha Oy:n Totti Karpela kouluttamassa Singapore Finnish Business Councilia 30.5.2013

Totti Karpela kouluttaa Singaporen Finnish Business Councilin jäsenistöä matkaturvallisuuden saloihin Singaporessa 30.5.2013.

Ohessa tiivistelmä luennon aiheesta sekä kouluttajasta itsestään:

Even the easiest business travel to a safe destination can turn from interesting to catastrophical in minutes if proper procedures are not in place or if they are not followed. In this short but informative presentation Mr. Karpela will cover the basis of travel related risk control procedures from both corporate side as well as from individual's perspective. We will go through easy but mandatory procedures to mitigate various travel related risks. The program will go through the most typical risks that statistically affect business travelers:
- Keeping business travelers safe and secure from corporate perspective
- Preparing your organization for crisis management; travel trackers, evacuation preparedness and crisis management basics
- How to mitigate the most common risks; traffic and health issues
- What about choosing a secure hotel and how to avoid common street crimes?
- A few word about high risk environments
Mr. Totti Karpela travels around the globe for 250+ days per year as a consultant and a subject matter expert for European Council and OSCE. Mr. Karpela provides behavioral and security consultation in numerous global corporations on a weekly basis.  Totti's vast experience with safety and security related issues is clearly demonstrated in this thought provoking presentation about travel risk management. Plenty of real-life examples and experiences from the corporate travel world in both low to high risk regions.