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Asiantuntija-artikkeli organisaatioiden kohtaamien uhkauksien hallinnasta Australian "Kauppalehdessä"


Totti Karpelan laaja artikkeli sekä haastattelu Australian yhdessä merkittävimmän kauppalehden kuukausijulkaisussa InTheBlackissä.

"Handling threats in the workplace" -  artikkeli keskittyy käsittelemään organisaatioiden kohtaamien uhkausten hallintaa ja analysointia sekä työpaikkaväkivaltaa yleisesti - miten organisaatioiden tulisi toimia uhkausten kanssa sekä miten uhkauksia voidaan analysoida. Artikkelissa puhutaan myös työpaikkaväkivallan yleisimmistä muodoista sekä miten niitä tulisi hallita sekä ennaltaehkäistä.

Artikkeli osittain alla sekä kokonaisuudessaan seuraavan linkin takana: http://intheblack.com/articles/2015/06/01/handling-threats-in-the-workplace

Handling threats in the workplace

The incidence of threats, violence and seriously criminal behaviour in the workplace is on the rise. Does your company know how to handle these frightening and potentially destructive situations?

By Alex Frew McMillan

It was through word from a snitch in prison that Totti Karpela first learned there was a contract out on his head. Karpela, who spent 20 years with the National Police of Finland, had been working on a taskforce investigating outlaw biker gangs. And he apparently was doing his job a little too well.

Next came threats to his family, and a pledge to place a bomb in his car. Police found photographs of his home during raids on biker hideouts – clear signs they’d been watching him.

But the young policeman wasn’t sure how seriously to take the issue. The bikers looked scruffy and chaotic but operated a sophisticated system of organised crime. How willing were they to risk their cash cow by taking out a law enforcement officer?

Karpela went to his supervisor to see how the police decided which threats presented real danger, and which were mere bluster. But to his surprise, there was very little in the way of research into how to evaluate threats and how to respond.

Thankfully the threats proved to be all posturing. And the assessment system has improved markedly since. For instance, there are now sophisticated computer systems that model how likely a stalker is to attack.

There is an entire industry devoted to helping companies devise ways to respond to business partners who take a grievance a little too far – those who veer into coercive behaviour, bribery or blackmail. There are companies that management can enlist to help solve the problem of workplace bullying, ward off potential violence from aggrieved staffers or ex-employees, and assess what is broadly known as the issue of “threat management.”

From threatened to threat management

Karpela moved into the threat management field organically when he got the go-ahead to compile threat-management procedures for the Finnish police. He consulted with the Los Angeles Police Department, which led the way in forming procedures to handle domestic violence and stalking behaviour involving celebrities.

Then he moved on to the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre in Britain, which focuses on threats against the royal family, politicians and other public figures. He worked with the FBI and the US Secret Service during his research.

That led to his company, Peace of Mind, which operates in Europe and Asia. And Karpela’s research understandably has a personal as well as a professional interest for him.

“It gave me peace of mind to understand the behaviour a bit better, but it got me really fascinated as well.”

Artikkeli kokonaisuudessaan seuraavan linkin takana: http://intheblack.com/articles/2015/06/01/handling-threats-in-the-workplace