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Success story award winner

Dear customers, colleagues and friends,

yet another successful year has passed. Peace of Mind has been in the market since 1998 and every year so far has brought us growth and new challenges. During the past year we have had excellent client cases within the travel industry, financial institutions, insurance companies and healthcare sector. Our clients have shown great interest into our services dealing with workplace bullying, harassment, stalking case management and threat management in general.

During the summer of 2010 we decided to open a new office in Hong Kong to meet the demand of growing strong interest amongst our clients in Asia-Pacific. This strategic move has taken considerably our resources but I am ecstatic to say that the move has proven to be the right move for us. Our clients have responded very positively to our existence in the region, we have extremely interesting new challenges waiting for us right from January and onwards. We have been working with clients around the planet on every continent this year (except the Antarctica) with threat assessment, threat management, verbal de-escalation and workplace violence prevention.

Also, we were delighted to received the "Success Story of the Year" award by Hong Kong Trade Development Council this November.

It is time to thank you all for making this year interesting, challenging and extremely successful.

I hope that year 2012 will bring us new possibilities to work together.

Our Christmas greetings this year was directed to support the work of Youth Against Drugs.

To all of you, thank you very much, have a great new year 2012 and the year of the Dragon!


Totti, Inka, Heikki, Tiki, Simo, Juha and Karen.

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